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100 years of

Victory Lodge 4042

Lodge History

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Victory Lodge was consecrated on the 4th February 1920. 

The Lodge building was originally built as a Chapel in 1822 by trustees of the Primitive Methodists. From 1914-1916 it would be used as a warehouse by a Scarborough business man, Mr E. E. Bradley, who had moved to Pickering due to the bombardment of Scarborough by the German fleet in 1914. Our records show that on the 22nd September 1919, A tender from Mr R. A. Wilson to convert the building to the plans and specifications of W.Bro. R. R. Kitching for the sum of £318 was accepted, and work commenced immediately. 

On the 15th of October 1919 it was agreed that the Crest and Motto of the new lodge should be St George and the Dragon and VICTORIA - CONCORDIA - CRESCIT which translated means Victory Increases by Concord.

The following quote is compiled from our lodge records 1920 - 1970 by  

W. Bro. Major G. L. des G. B. BROWN, P.P.G.W.

W. Bro. Capt, A. E. C. R. TATE, P.P.A.G, D.C.

"We think that is safe to say the embryo of a Lodge at Pickering was conceived in the brain of Bro. Rev. E. W. Drage soon after he came to Pickering as the vicar in 1902 but owing to the Great War of 1914-18, It lay quiescent till 1919 in which year we start our history.

It appears that in 1919, Bro E. W. Drage, of Apollo university lodge No. 357, Past Provincial Grand Chaplin of the Provinces of Durham and N. & E. Yorks, and who was the vicar of Pickering, decided that steps should be taken to form a Masonic Lodge in Pickering, to which end he consulted Bro. Col. J. F. Clarkson of the Issac Newton University Lodge No. 859, Bro. R. H. Burnett of the Lion Lodge No. 312, And having their support, Approached Bro. T. H. Lax of Camalodunum Lodge No. 660, And Bro F. R. Lax of the Whitwell Lodge No. 2014, Who were all residents in Pickering. In these Brethren he found an enthusiasm to match his own."


- Fifty years of Freemasonry in Pickering (4)

Founding Members

W. Bro. Rev. T. E. Jameson, P.M. Goderich lodge 1211, P.P.G.C. W.Yorks

W. Bro. John Harrison, P.M Marwood Lodge 1244, P.PG.S.W.

W. Bro. H. A. Spiegelhalter, P. M. Lion Lodge 312 P.P.G.Spt.W.

W. Bro. George Packwood, P. M. Camalodunum Lodge 660.

W. Bro. R. W. Milburn, P. M Lion Lodge 312, Prov. Grand Treas.

W. Bro. R. E. Spiegelhalter, P. M. Camalodunum Lodge 660, P.P.G.S.D

W. Bro. R. S. Pears, P. M Camalodunum Lodge 660, P.P.G.purs.

W. Bro. H. G. Hudson, P.M. Camalodunum Lodge 660, P.P.G.Std.B.

W. Bro. F. J. Thornton, W.M. Camalodunum Lodge 660.

W. Bro. George Roberts, I.P.M. Camalodunum Lodge 660. P.P.G.O.

W. Bro. H. Yates, P.M. Camalodunum Lodge 660. P.P.G.J.D.

W. Bro. S. Needham, P.M. York Lodge 236.

W. Bro. J. P. Gill, P.M. Agricola Lodge 1991, P.P.G.D.C.

W. Bro. R. Smailes, P.M. Lion Lodge 312, P.P.G.J.W.

W. Bro. W. H. Platts, W.M. Old Globe Lodge 200.

W. Bro. E. E. Bradley, P.M. St. Nicholas Lodge 2586.

     Bro. Rev. E. W. Drage, Apollo University Lodge 357, P.P.G.C

     Bro. R.H. Burnett, Lion Lodge 312.

     Bro. Col. J. F. Clarkson, Isaac Newton University Lodge 859.

     Bro. J. R. Twentyman, St. John's Lodge 80.

     Bro. G. W. Robinson, Loyal Lodge 251.

     Bro. F. R. Lax, Whitwell Lodge 2104.

     Bro. T. H. Lax, Camalodunum Lodge 660.

     Bro. W. H. Beaumont, Nuwara Elyia Lodge 2991.

     Bro. A. J. R. Anderson, Camalodunum Lodge 660.

     Bro. T. Muncaster, Eboracum Lodge 1611.

     Bro. T. L. Jameson, Goderich Lodge 1211.

     Bro. Dr. J. S. Blair, Rangoon & Ormond Lodge 1268.

     Bro. Dr. L. C. Walker, Camalodunum Lodge 660.

     Bro. William Cooper, Camalodunum Lodge 660.

     Bro. Major C. Behrens, Ubique Lodge 1789.

     Bro. C. M. Smeeton, Defence Lodge 1221.

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